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BUSINESS BASICS - Help me get my business in order!

WHEN: Saturday, April 15, 2017

TIME: 1-5pm


3600 JFK Blvd.

North Little Rock, AR 72116

By popular demand it's here! BUSINESS BASICS - the workshop!

Struggling to keep up with the basic operations of your business? Are you asking questions like:

"How do I register my company?" 

"How do I obtain an EIN# from the IRS?"

"I've registered my company and also obtained my EIN, but things are a mess!!! What do I do? I need HELP!!!"

"I don't know how to calculate my income and expenses! Help!!"

Does this sound like you? Well, no worries!! This workshop will answer all of those questions! We'll make it fun and exciting for you too!! 

No more boring business training workshops!!! Hands-on fun! Bring your laptop! If you don't have a laptop, no worries, take notes!

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The Process Behind The Successful Artist (PBSA)
90 Day Online Training (Coming Soon)

PBSA - Entrepreneurial Training for Artists (Premium Package)

Destiny’s Talent’s new signature program, The Process Behind the Successful Artist is designed to enhance the business skills of artists and creative entrepreneurs. It is the highest level of training that Destiny's Talent offers and is not for everyone. 

As a Business of Art student, you will learn key skills that will provide you with the knowledge and resources to help advance your art career, develop your ideas, and increase your financial independence. To supplement the program, you will also receive a free copy of The Business of Art: An Artist’s Guide to Profitable Self-Employment and free access to Accounting Software, QuickBooks. 

Objective: The Business of Art is designed to educate artists of all disciplines with the business aspect of their artistry. We believe that all artists are entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is our desire to implement a plan of action guaranteed to mold a well-rounded artist. The Business of Art curriculum will provide knowledge of business, financial tools and networking strategies allowing artists access to more capitol and a connection of their work and ideas to a larger marketplace. Also, step-by-step training and discounted access to QuickBooks (An accounting software) how to write a proposal, contract, business plan and so much more is included. This course also includes names, addresses and telephone numbers to general resources designed specifically for artists, such as funding and financial support, insurance for artists, training services and more.

Course Pre-requisite: Application process for registration approval.

Course Outline: The Business of Art course is formulated in a online 90 Day Training Program. It is also available to take separately at the convenience of the artist according to subject interest. To receive a certificate of completion a registrants must attend ALL sessions within a course period. 

The Business of Art’s teaching style is exciting and full of hands on activities. Artists will enjoy the real, raw and tender of group discussions, written materials, hands- on practice and periodic master classes from professionals in the industry. 

Registration is TBA

Course registration covers textbook, QuickBooks Online Registration (Students are responsible to maintain the QuickBooks account after course completion), and the BOA Binder (Learning materials).

All registration materials are available at the first day of class.

Healthy Thinking For Entreprenuers TeleSeminar with CEO of DTIA, Shamelle Reveter

$57 - Live Teleseminar

Thursday, April 27, 2017 

Time 7-8pm

Are we truly believing in ourselves?

Have you ever taken the time to just sit and attend to your thoughts? Meaning, taking the time to just listen to what's going on in your mind...

In conversation with a friend one day, I caught a VERY negative thought. This thought could've paralyzed my growth as both an individual and as a company.

I was writing out DTIA's "Projected Budget" for the month of March. I wrote a number close to $1K for one line item and my thought immediately said, "You ein't gonna make that much money for that!" My pen literally slowed down from writing this amount out. In a second, I was going to change it to a much lower amount. 

Does this sound like you?

I caught that thought and immediately shared this experience with a friend. We began to re-write the story of that thought. I then said and wrote, "I don't know how it's happening, but it's quicker and faster than I could ever imagine."

The positive flow just continued from there as I began to write more and more positive affirmations for both myself and DTIA. I combated that negative thought, wiped it out and changed my story for good!

I read one morning, "New research shows that the average person has sixty thousand thoughts and eighty percent of those thoughts are negative."
-Article Reclaim the Power of Your Brain

Are you the average person? I'm not and I won't be.
Will you be the average person?

I've been working on my thoughts for years now...and I've dedicated myself to incorporating my process to help others also reclaim the power of their brain.

I challenge you, to take notice of one thought that is consistently passing through your mind and is equally negative regarding your business. This thought is renting space where positive thinking should reside. Change that thought to something positive, hopeful and what you'd rather it to be.

For instance, Negative thought: "I'll never make enough money to sustain my company"

Change-Positive: "God wants me to fulfill all of my dreams. Money comes to me freely and consistently. In whatever form it comes, I remove my pride and accept it."

This seminar will give you:

  • A better understanding of what's causing those negative thoughts to come 
  • Steps on how to combat negative thoughts
  • An eBook/workbook on how to combat negative thoughts